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Piston, Sealing & Retaining Rings & Circlips for gas
and steam turbines

The Cross Manufacturing Company can apply over seventy years of experience to the development, design and manufacture of metallic seals, retaining rings and circlips for use in hot and challenging environments.

User industries include aerospace, power generation and oil & gas.

Cross rings are manufactured from wire or rod, using an innovative forging process that produces high strength, high integrity and rugged products. This environmentally responsible process creates minimal wastage and facilitates the production of components of the highest quality.

Regular production encompasses diameters in excess
of 2000mm and applications in temperatures of 1000°C.

Ring Types    
Piston rings
Sealing rings
Retaining rings and segments
Damping rings
Squeeze film seals
Pipe joint seals
Scraper rings

Designs include inspringers and outspringers, with or without cockle springs, ring packs, triangular sections and boomerang sections. A complete package for design and manufacture can be provided, including the detailed design of customised grooves and housings.
Gap Designs    
Materials of construction

Cross produces rings from a range of stainless steels, alloy steels and nickel and cobalt super alloys including Nimonic® 80 &90, Waspaloy®, Haynes® 25, Inconel® 718 and Jethete®.

The material specification for a seal ring may differ from that for its spring. The choice of materials is complex and advice can be provided, based on extensive experience and test results.

Click on the link below to see the full list of heat resisting alloys.

  High Temperature Alloys
Aerospace grade standard retaining rings and circlips  
Cross retaining rings and circlips are also available in a standard range in diameter sizes from 25mm to 152mm, conforming to AS4570 (Retaining Rings) and AS4571 (Circlips), manufactured from high tensile spring steel in highly accurate rolled sections for maximum resistance to breakage.
Pipe joint sealing rings  
Cross pipe joint sealing rings are designed for sealing gases at high temperatures (up to 800°C) and pressures (17 barg). The rings permit unrestricted rotational and axial movement and accommodate up to 3.5° misalignment.

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